The Life and Art of Frank Mechau

Frank Mechau the Artist

Frank Mechau Portrait of the artist whose exceptional art is uniquely Colorado painting within a global context
Frank Mechau as a young man

There are stories scattered throughout human history of rare individuals of remarkable talent, energy, and promise whose lives are unexpectedly and tragically cut short. Artist Frank Mechau was one of these. His artistic career spanned only twenty years—1926 to 1946—but in the course of those years he produced paintings, murals, and drawings of arresting potency and poignancy. Grounded in his home place of Western Colorado, Mechau created lyric visual expressions of the mountains, valleys, and skies that defined his sensibilities; of the horses and people that he loved; of the fences and fights and fires that shaped the landscape and history of the region. And yet his artistic merits go far beyond regionalism. His work shows influences of the masters he studied—European, Japanese, and Chinese—from whom he developed his own aesthetic of line, design, and composition that, in a singular way, speaks to broader artistic truths. more…

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